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QR Codes Bring City Tourist Attractions Together

How can QR codes help bring city tourist attractions together? Here are some fun ideas to inspire Conventions & Visitors Bureaus and municipalities to consider the unifying power of the QR code. – Directional information: Use QR codes citywide to … Continue reading

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QR Codes Enliven Printed Materials

In age when the printed page is undergoing a rapid fade as we shift to consumption of digital content, QR codes are a vibrant way to bridge the chasm between printed materials we hold and electronic words we download. QR … Continue reading

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QR Codes for Trade Shows – A Case Study

Tile manufacturer Crossville, Inc. has introduced QR codes to its trade show strategy. The company places QR codes on product samples available in the ‘Sustainable Samples Kit’ displayed at the booth, as well as on all booth signage and promo … Continue reading

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QR Codes Must Link to Mobile Friendly Content

What’s more important…  The envelope or the letter inside? The power switch or the luminescence of the chandelier? The wind-up key or the song of the music box? The QR code or the content to which it links? Recently, a … Continue reading

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QR Codes for Real Estate – An Introduction

I recently spoke at REBarcamp, an intensive day of knowledge sharing for those in the real estate business. I was there as an event sponsor and a pro on the use of QR codes for effective marketing. QR codes can … Continue reading

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