QR Code Strategy is a Marketing Function

OK, I get it…in theory. QR codes get printed on stuff; that’s how they exist in the world. Hence, printers and producers of specialty advertising items are keenly aware of—and are driving attention to—the use of QR codes. At least a few times a week I hear businesses report that they acquired their QR code(s) from their printer.

As somebody who’s a strong proponent of QR code use, I’m glad to observe others advocating them. However, I also know that QR codes will not take hold and propel forward to their fullest benefit in the marketplace far and wide unless we get really smart, creative, practical and tactical regarding implementation.

Thus, I’m making this all-call to marketers:  Step up and get in the QR code game!

It’s time for those who build and nurture brands, target and track markets and create and quantify messaging to add QR codes to their tools kits.

This juncture reminds me of what happened with social media. While the groundswell of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube was overtaking the population, many marketers kept going along, rather status quo and often surprisingly unaware of the essential, fundamental marketing role social media was already playing. Hence, we saw a new category of service providers emerge—the Social Media consultant. Because the broader industry wasn’t quick on the draw, there was undue segmentation of the social media function. Ultimately social media works best when integrated into overall marketing strategy, blending and jiving with all other tactics for best results.

That’s what needs to happen with QR code use. Right now, the printing industry is rising to the occasion, and it certainly should. However, marketers need to awaken to the possibilities and lead the strategies. QR codes are great tools to have in the toolbox, and marketers and the brands they represent will benefit from them when they are used strategically and creatively.

So…there’s my 2-cents worth. Do you agree? Are you a marketer looking to gain knowledge and use QR codes / mobile barcodes / 2D codes to your best advantage? I’d love-love-love the chance to chat about ideas with you.

Connect with me here, on Twitter or on my QRHere Facebook page. I’ve got loads of ideas to share about adding QR codes to your toolbox.

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