Mobile Search Leads to Purchase More Than Half the Time

I’ve got good news for brands and businesses aiming to use QR codes for their marketing. A report just published by shares the findings of recent research by research from Google and Ipsos OTX MediaCT that finds that “more than half of smartphone users made a purchase after their mobile search, whether in a store, online or via their phone.”

The research also reveals that smartphone users who conduct searches are rather far along in their purchasing decision and, thus, are very apt to take action.

Why is this good news for QR code-using marketers?  QR codes propel and target mobile search. If a consumer who is nearing the point of decision comes upon a QR code that links to compelling, motivating information, the marketer is that much closer to sealing the deal.  Of course, QR codes must be used strategically by marketers to really make the most of these findings. It’s important to note that this information also highlights the priority companies must place on making sure their digital content is mobile friendly.

This chart from indicates the purpose and intention of smartphone users who engage in mobile search. Again, with use of QR codes, marketers have the opportunity to direct the search process for even greater potential gains.

As smartphone use is consistently on the rise, it’s go-time for marketers who really want to reach consumers ready to make purchases.

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