Mobile Barcodes—QR Codes—Are Powerful Marketing Tools

The report is in, and it looks like U.S. marketers are raising the bar on mobile barcode use. Take a look at the graphic for the comparison, as offered in a report posted today on

The current study also addresses the need for marketers to make QR codes useful for consumers. In other words, the codes must lead to content that is helpful and beneficial for the person who scans it. The QR code may be cool, but it’s only a tool. Marketers must focus on quality, engaging and meaningful content (as always!!). Only when marketers achieve that core aspect will QR codes, or mobile barcodes, become ubiquitous. also states that 65% of smartphone users have seen a mobile barcode. And just look at the compelling statistics regarding those who recognize QR codes, as reported by earlier this month. Marketers should definitely take note. Consumers who know about QR codes are obviously smartphone users, but this shows that they have disposable income, are educated and in their prime buying years.  This tells me QR codes can be very effective tools for reaching key market segments.

Here’s a look at what compelled people to scan.

In terms of ‘meaningful use,’ this is very helpful insight for all marketers. Not surprisingly, ‘incentive’ and ‘information’ motivated the most scans. In my opinion, this affirms the in-the-moment nature of QR codes’ best value for consumers, yet also affirms my belief that we need to build in mechanisms to later re-engage consumers who sought more details in the moment. We’ve got to add value at the point of the scan, and we’d be wise to make sure we can reconnect later as well.

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