Link QR Codes to Specific Content

QR codes need to link to specific content in order to be most effective. It’s common sense marketing, really. It’s why the waiter brings out the dessert menu after dinner—to optimally target the selling message for the moment at hand.

I recently spoke about QR code marketing at a real estate industry event. One of the key points I focused on? Link QR codes to specific content to be most effective. If a potential buyer is scanning QR codes on For Sale signs all over the neighborhood, she doesn’t need to see your website’s home page each time she scans.  She needs to photo galleries and home details for whatever house she’s in front of, in that moment. Sending her to a generic home page really offers no advantage.

Translate this idea for your business. I’ll jump start a few ideas for you here…

– A Car Dealer: Provide vehicle-specific details on the car window in the lot. While you hope the customer will be buying a car that day, he may just be collecting information for consideration. Arm him with details he needs to make a decision.

– A Musician: At your next gig, hand out cards printed with a QR code that links to your latest project for sale in iTunes. Turn audience members from your gig into fans who make purchases simply by making it extremely easy to get to the music you have for sale.

-A Trade Show Exhibitor: Sprinkle your trade show booth with QR codes that direct to specific information. Use QR codes that are trackable and Google analytics to assess what codes got the most scans during…and after…the show. From this knowledge, gain insight on attendee interest and effectiveness of booth configuration and messaging.

– A Retail Store Owner: Link QR codes to specific product information and consumer reviews, to inspire in-store decisions and help shoppers create wish lists of future products they’d like to buy later.

My client, tile manufacturer Crossville, Inc., has integrated QR codes onto the backs of their tile samples. Each code not only links to a specific product but to a specific color as well. Their customers who actively scan can essentially create their own product portfolios, logging top picks for future referent. Mind you, Crossville is using my QRHere system, and that system heightens the interactions and value for consumers and Crossville alike. Nonetheless, you could achieve quite a bit of the same effect utilizing QR codes in their most basic form for your business.

If you’d like to banter about more specific ideas, contact me anytime!

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