QR Codes for Trade Shows – A Case Study

Tile manufacturer Crossville, Inc. has introduced QR codes to its trade show strategy. The company places QR codes on product samples available in the ‘Sustainable Samples Kit’ displayed at the booth, as well as on all booth signage and promo panels. Any booth attendee who has a QR code reader on her smartphone can scan Crossville’s codes to retrieve helpful details in the moment.

Crossville began using QR codes at the Greenbuild Expo last November.  Greenbuild provides incentives to exhibitors to encourage them to not bring printed materials to the show. Crossville’s use of QR codes and mobile technology certainly provided an excellent alternative to traditional marketing material. The company was able to provide booth attendees pertinent information without use of costly printed brochures.

This year, Crossville debuted a full system for its QR code usage, powered by QRHere, LLC’s innovative QR code advancements. Through a custom, branded app, Crossville is able to engage booth attendees in the moment and post-show. Because the app marries to secure, online accounts, attendees may revisit their scanned content later online. Essentially, this means that the lead retrieval process is inverted, alleviating effort and cost for Crossville yet provided thorough, detailed, two-way interactions between the company and attendees.

Here’s a quick look at Crossville’s QR code marketing system.

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