QR Codes Enliven Printed Materials

In age when the printed page is undergoing a rapid fade as we shift to consumption of digital content, QR codes are a vibrant way to bridge the chasm between printed materials we hold and electronic words we download.

QR codes are a kind of 2-dimensional bar code that brings digital information to the 3-dimensional world. Add a QR code to a page, scan it with a QR code reader on a smart phone and be instantly directed to helpful information on the phone.

Many magazines are featuring QR codes on their printed pages. From editorial content to ads, QR codes are being used to enhance messaging with digital content. QR codes on ads may link to YouTube videos or website pages that offer more detail than the ad format will accommodate. Business cards printed with QR codes link recipients to virtual business cards that can load directly into contacts. Books with QR codes provide extended insights on topics relevant to the subject being addressed.

QR codes help pages come to life and play a continued, valued role in our digital – social – mobile marketplace.

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